Arguing Comments

I am currently going back and forth with another blogger about something she wrote that I don’t completely agree with. It doesn’t matter who or what, it just matters that I keep persisting in trying to convince her that I am right and she is trying to convince me of the opposite. The stupid thing is, I agree with almost everything she wrote … everything but one point. I told her she was right about everything else, but that I don’t agree with one point … just a few words out of 1500+ words that make excellent points. But I can’t seem to let it go. It is too important to me that she see my side on this one point.

And reading through other comments on the post, she is not the only one to feel the way she does. It makes me wonder what in the hell I missed? What am I not seeing that these other people see? I can’t possibly be that blind.

But in thinking about it again today, I have decided that my opinion DOES matter. It may just matter to me, but it is important for me to express myself and stand up for myself and my opinion. I know that I will never convince her and she will never change my mind in this situation, so no more comments about the subject on her post.

I just find it interesting that neither of us can acknowledge the fact that we have differing opinions and that that is okay.

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