Wonder Why

Whew, it has been a full couple of weeks. Since returning from Vegas I completed editing the rewrite of my friend A P’s book Secret Shades Aroused and started work on her Amazon author page, dropped another friend at the airport for a two-week stay in Abu Dhabi, saw The Imitation Game (outstanding!), had lunch with friends I worked with at IRS in Washington, DC 30 years ago, spent the day in Tucson at the Gem and Mineral (and bead) show, and “attended” a webinar by Tanya Veit on a spectacular fused glass process. Oh, and made a very quick and easy bracelet to wear to Tucson.

Do your busy times also seem to be concentrated within short timeframes? Looking back through my calendar, I find that seems to be the way for me. A week packed to the gills with no room for anything else followed by one that is wide open. Wonder why I do that to myself? Just to keep things interesting and then allow me to catch a breath? And why do vendor shows and conferences seem to gravitate to the same weeks of the same month? Is there something special sales-wise about those weeks? And why don’t I move some of those things like making a new bracelet to the open weeks instead of deciding the afternoon before Tucson that I MUST have a new one to wear?

This coming week is one of those open ones. So far, all I have to do is work on tasks for A P and remember to get a birthday card in the mail by Monday for my grand (great?) nephew. Maybe this will be the week I get up the nerve to visit with the Creative Crafters … meet some new friends and get some beading done at the same time. Or call Jeannie to check out a new movie. Or start getting my stuff ready for tax season. Interesting … once I know I have an open week, I immediately start filling it up.

Another “wonder why” just popped into my head … wonder why I blog so much about time? Humm, something to ponder.

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