Mid-Century Modern

I was born in 1952. As far as I’m concerned, that was just a few years ago. As far as interior designers, home builders, architects, and car nuts are concerned, that is mid-century modern.

The first time I heard the term I couldn’t figure out which century they were referring to. Then I saw the picture of the piece of furniture being called “mid-century” and it dawned on me my family had a kitchen table that looked a lot like that! No … the designer couldn’t possibly be referring to the 20th century! That was MY CENTURY!

I think of mid-century as being old or antique – you know, the 19th century at the earliest. I may have been born in the middle of the last century, but I am neither old or antique, although I do consider myself quite modern. So, those young whipper-snappers are just going to have to come up with a different description for furniture, houses, and cars that are still standing and running 62 years later.

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