Sunday Hodge Podge

Oh no, I am starting to miss days writing a blog post. I’m maybe a month and a half into this journey and I’m beginning to skip multiple days in a row. One of the reasons I decided to write a blog is because I have a habit of giving up on a pen and paper journal. Since I work on my laptop daily, I hoped that would be a motivator for me to take a few minutes and write. I wrote so many in a row I thought for sure I had my blot-writing habit set. And then I missed a few days. So, it’s time to try to turn things around. I just need something to write about.

I could tell you about my cat Molly ALMOST setting her tail on fire with a candle. I got to her in time and no damage was done. A short story.

Then there is football. Originally I said that it made no sense for me to watch these two divisional playoff games today because I don’t have any dogs in the hunt. Also, I have a very strong feeling of who the winners will be, which will just make me mad. But, EVERY team has a chance to win, so I’m watching and pulling for the underdogs in both games.

Speaking of cats … two of my outside crew are missing. I’m not all that surprised about one of them, The Dude. He has been nursing a badly hurt leg for about a year now. Unfortunately, he is so feral I was never able to catch him in order to get him to a vet. Also, every vet I spoke with about how best to take care of the leg said they wouldn’t be able to help unless he would let them touch him. The leg was broken and had some open sores. In watching him over the past few months, I believe the break healed although not properly. But the sores kept opening because of the way he would scale the fence. He has been gone almost three weeks now. Although I hope that he will show up again, I don’t believe that he will.

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The other missing one is Handsome. He has been gone almost a week. Handsome is a little skittish around me but does allow me to pet him and sometimes even pick him up if I do it while he is asleep. I am very sad that he has disappeared because of the five cats that adopted my backyard he has been around the longest and is one of my favorites, even though he drives me nuts because he sprays so much. I have been looking all over for him. Unfortunately, he doesn’t respond to my name for him – I’m sure he has multiple names since he is an outside, neighborhood cat – so it does no good for me to call for him.

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Keep my missing guys in your thoughts. I want them to come home.

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