What would I tell my best friend today?

Well, let’s start with something that almost everyone talks to their friends about – the weather. I don’t want to make anyone jealous, or entice more people into the area, but we are having a very lovely day here in the Phoenix, Arizona area. It is currently about 65 degrees with high, bright, brilliant blue skies without a single cloud. There is a light breeze that ruffles the leaves. And the back door is open to bring some of that fresh air inside. It is so gorgeous outside, I should be there as well taking the walk, getting the exercise, the doctor always asks me if I am doing.

And yet, here I sit as usual, typing away on this laptop. I walked to the mailbox. That should count for something! That is at least a half block … in total.

I like my laptop. Exercise – not so much.

But I remember last October when I was at an art expo in Santa Fe, I was so out of practice with walking that I became winded walking what seemed like five miles from my room to the classrooms. Okay, I exaggerate, a little …. it was only a mile.

I desperately want to return to Scotland. I want to re-visit the incredible places I saw in 2005, such as Portree and Kilt Rock on the Isle of Skye …

Featured image Featured image

And I want to be able to see all of the wonderful sights that Marcus McAdam posts of Skye on his Facebook page. And to do that my legs and heart need to be in much better shape than they are right now. So, it seems I have a goal. Now I better go for a walk.

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