Blogging 101: Here we go!

To those of you following my blog from the beginning …all of a month now … you’ll probably wonder what in the heck I’m doing. Well, I want to get better at blogging, so I have joined Blogging 101 here on WordPress. I will be writing a daily blog based on the assignment given to the group. Today’s assignment – introduce myself.

First things first, my name is Betsi Newbury and I live in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. Surprisingly, I have lived in this area for 25 years come March. That is quite the shock to me since I have never been in love with the place. But I probably shouldn’t start in the here and now. Let’s go back a bit.

I was born in Kerrville, Texas and raised in Austin. In my heart, I am now and will always be a Texan. If they could just get rid of the humidity and mosquitoes I’d move back in a heartbeat. I enrolled at the University of Texas for two years. Notice I didn’t say “attended”. There were many things on my radar at that time other than going to classes. Things like working for a concert promoter. The work was fun and the perks were great, especially for someone like me who loves all types of music. Although there was that one time we were selling tickets to a heavyweight fight. I don’t remember who was fighting, but I do remember the tickets were in the $50.00 range, which was very high for that time. Just as I completed a sale word came from inside that the fight was over – about 2.5 minutes into the first round. Those ticket buyers that did not make it inside were more than a little angry because they missed the fight. Of course, they wanted their money back and we couldn’t give it to them. I remember those of us selling tickets stayed inside that box office for quite a while that evening until we felt safe enough to go to our cars. Fun times!

In 1980, I was chosen to be part of an IRS programmer training class in Washington, DC. And so I flew the coop. The only one in my family, other than a niece about 40 years later, who ever moved away from the Austin area. I found that I was fairly good at programming and thanks to that initial 6-week class in EASYCODR (the name lies – nothing easy about that language), I made a very good living in the IT world. Even now that I am retired, I cannot seem to stay away from my laptop, spending way too much time on it daily. I hung around at IRS in DC for about five years and then made a move to AMTRAK, also in DC. There I learned an off-the-shelf package that took me through the rest of my career. One of the really fun things about working at AMTRAK was travel. As long as the travel was  not for an emergency, we were required to get to our destination by train. I remember many fun work trips – Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Atlanta, to name a few.

But enough about work. Let’s talk hobbies. I’m usually the type to see something new (to me) and dive in with both feet and open wallet, only to get bored not long afterwards. Surprisingly, there are a few things that I dove into and still like playing with. Fused glass is something that I was brought to by some friends, Diane and Rose. They started me off with a stained glass project, which I hated. But while I struggled with the stained glass, they were on another side of the garage getting bits and pieces of glass ready to put into a kiln and melt at 1300 degrees!! Now that sounded like fun to me. As soon as the stained glass piece was finished, I started playing with those bits and pieces as well. I have a couple of my own kilns now, turned the second bedroom of my house into a studio, and still play with glass about ten years after being introduced to it.

Sharing that studio are beads … lots and lots of beads of all shapes and sizes and materials. I don’t make my own as part of my glass work because I don’t want to bring a torch into the house. But, I support many bead stores both locally and online. Initially, I just did bead stringing, but recently I find I enjoy bead weaving even more.

And my most recent hobby stems from my love of reading. I am helping a friend edit, format, and publish books. She is the author; I’m the techie. We are still learning the business and when I look back at the first ones we put on Amazon I can see many things that need to be improved. But it is great fun. I get to continue using my technical skills as well as learn new ones. And I get to read!

So, there is Betsi Newbury in a nutshell. I am already looking forward to tomorrow’s assignment.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. betnew
    Jan 05, 2015 @ 13:05:51

    I have read through a number of first assignment blogs and realize that I am too literal. I also don’t share enough of me – it’s all surface stuff. Boy do I have a big challenge ahead of me!



  2. mommarei
    Jan 05, 2015 @ 14:00:12

    Hi Betsi 🙂 It’s so nice to meet you. You’ve have an interesting life. Keep on writing!



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