Observations on the Day After Christmas

Since I elected to stay in Arizona this Christmas for a wide variety of reasons, I missed all of the goings-on in Texas. After receiving Christmas greetings from family and, in the process, hearing how the festivities went, I’m kind of glad I stayed here. Even though I didn’t get out of my pajamas and could not find even one football game to watch.

Christmas was never my parents’ favorite holiday, especially my mom who loved Thanksgiving. Not that they didn’t go all out for Christmas, especially once they started having grandkids to spoil. It was simply a lot of work especially when they were still working.

Thanksgiving is all about the food. Yeah, it takes much longer to prepare the meal than it does to eat it, but the prep work is pretty straight forward and then the holiday is over (except for football-watching and leftover-eating.) Christmas adds multiple layers of complexity. In addition to the food preparation, there are gifts to buy and wrap after trying to determine what is needed and/or wanted by the recipient. Then you have the decorating to do both inside and out. And at some point during all that running around and all that decorating and all that cooking, decisions must be made regarding where the family gift exchange will take place and when.

Coordination and communication are keys to that last step. As was discovered this year, they are sometimes also the hardest to deal with and cause the most confusion, and sometimes a little animosity.

Hopefully, that animosity will all pass before next year because I plan to be in Texas next year for Christmas. And, I promise you Jerry, that I will take care of the coordination and communications. But you’re still cooking!! Unless Emily wants to!

Oh, and even though I didn’t go to Texas, I wasn’t totally forgotten this year …

My friend Linda made each of us a wonderful 2015 calendar that includes some of our best photos from our trip to New Mexico this past October. I wish I could show you the pictures she chose for each of the months – they are stunning!

Featured image

And Diane gave me these wonderful surprises!

Featured imageFeatured image

I will definitely enjoy it all, but I especially love the toothbrush that came in the gift bag with the candy!! Thanks again Diane! 🙂

Merry, Merry Christmas!

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