Deadlines (not met)

I work much better with a deadline. I am able to focus more fully the closer I am to the due date. So with Christmas fast approaching, today was my self-imposed deadline to get all of my tasks completed. I am proud to say that I almost finished. Oh so close. The deadline had to be pushed back a day. But I have only a couple of things left and luckily they don’t require a trip to the post office. I am calling the 2014 prep a success!

I hope yours is as well!

Update (Christmas evening): On December 18th I was hopeful that all of my Christmas list tasks would be finished by the end of that day. Weellll – I didn’t make it. The Christmas cards did not get written and mailed timely, and here is the reason …

Featured image

… Ebony was sleeping on my hand.

Now, grant it, I am left handed and she is lying on my right hand, but the rest of her was in prime card-writing real estate!

So, this sweet baby is my excuse for being late and since she can’t say anything differently, I’m sticking with that story.

I hope that your Christmas was full of joy and blessings!

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