My Girls: Here’s Molly

She is lying right here next to me. Molly, the younger of my two girls. Will she allow me to touch her? Maybe, but only after giving me a haughty stare. Will she let me pick her up for a hug? Absolutely NOT … NO WAY … not allowed Mom!

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Molly Anna Marie, AKA Molly or Moll, came to me in September 2008 through more normal channels than Widget. A co-worker’s daughter’s cat had an unexpected litter of kittens, and she brought them to work to try to sucker people into adopting. Look at that face … how could I say no?! In fact, three of us said yes.

I had been thinking about getting a sister for Widget for about 6 months. Her older sister Sweetie had lost a battle with feline lymphoma about a year or so prior and I thought Widget needed someone to keep her company while I was at work. Had Widgie been able to talk to me I feel sure that she would have told me she liked being an only child. But since I was already thinking about names, I knew she would eventually have to welcome an unwanted (by Widget) sister.

Much like Widget, Molly and I seemed to pick each other. She headed right to me from that box, crawling over her siblings to get to me. Now, she was probably just trying to escape, but I like my version much better. She was an adorable ball of fur with a great personality even at that age. So, once weaned (no cotton balls and warm water needed this time) she came home with me to meet her sister.

I have always been told to introduce a new family member slowly. The first few hours Molly learned all about her new home from inside a cat carrier. She and Widget had some frank discussions about who was going to be the boss – Molly agreed to everything while still in the carrier. A little later, I took her out of the carrier and showed her her temporary home – the guest bathroom with a gate across the doorway where I intended for her to spend the first few days or at least until she proved she knew what a litter box was. That gate was no match for Molly. She promptly scaled it and announced her presence. Molly was having none of this “introduce slowly” crap! She wanted to play! And she wanted to ensure Widgie knew who the alpha dog was going to be. Widget did her Puff Kitty imitation and ran the other way.

Molly has grown into a beautiful Mama’s Girl (as long as I don’t touch her). She herds Widgie through the house like a sheep dog. She poses quite lady-like for photos. She definitely understands what the litter box is for, even going there if she needs to hack up a hairball! She has learned to stay in her back yard only, but I think she is becoming more of an inside kitty. (They are only allowed in the back yard when I am home and can keep an eye on them.) At night before lights out, Molly prefers to be under the covers, either between my legs or resting along the outside of my leg. Once the lights go out, she crawls from under the covers and curls up between my legs on top of the covers. Close to me, but on her terms.

Moll has brought me a number of lizards and one bird – all alive. After telling her what a good hunter she is, much to my chagrin as a confirmed non-lover of lizards, I chase her prey and put it back outside where it belongs. She usually doesn’t argue with me about that because she knows she can find others.

She is an okay traveler and has been to Texas a number of times. She usually gets put in her carrier first because she doesn’t seem to grasp what is coming. On the other hand, getting Widget in her carrier usually requires two people, an empty room with a closed door, towels wrapped around arms for protection, and a great deal of luck and persistence. Not to say that Molly is “slow” … she is just more trusting. She is a sweetheart!

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