My Girls: Meet Widget

The loves of my life both have four legs and are quite furry. This is Widget.

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Widget Louise, AKA Widget / Widgie / Widg, turned 15 years old this past July 12. At least that is the date I assigned to her because her exact birthdate is not known.

Widget was found by the “smoking bunch” (the people that go outside to smoke) outside the State of Arizona office building where I worked. I was working away, nose to the grind stone, as I used to do … go ahead, ask anyone that worked with me, they will confirm … and there was an urgent email about an abandoned litter of kittens. I hustled down to the snack shop, scooped up a carton of milk, and ran to their rescue (sounds good, huh?! 🙂 )

Anyway, it seemed that the kittens’ mama had brought them up by the building for safe keeping and then Mama was run over and killed 😦 I don’t remember how many kittens there were in all, I just remember the one that immediately caught my eye. She was yelling at all of us and trying to get to me. I fell in love with that baby! At the time though I had a roommate and we had two grown cats in the house already. So, I didn’t take the baby home with me that day … a co-worker did. But I talked her out of the baby a couple of days later. Tigger and Sweetie were not that excited about the little ball of fur that invaded the house, but I simply loved her!

A few days after she came home my roommate Diane and I took her to the vet, very eager to find out if she was a she or a he (she was too young at the time for us to figure that out). Our catch phrase of “which is it?! which is it?!” which turned into Widget – she finally had a name! We also needed to find out why she hadn’t pooped in the couple of days she had been with us. The vet told us she was a girl baby and about 2 weeks old. And she hadn’t pooped because she didn’t know how!! Huh!??! So, to simulate the mama cat’s tongue, he brings out cotton balls dampened with warm water and brushes her little butt hole with the cotton ball. Sure enough, poop!! He said we needed to do this for her until she figured it out on her own and also gave us instructions on feeding with a bottle, how frequently she needed to be fed, and where to buy mama cat milk.

But wait … I had to go to work! How in the heck was I going to feed her every two hours? Well, I gotta tell you, I had the most understanding, cat-loving boss in the world! He let me bring Widget to work with me where she had a team of people eager to feed her, play with her, and keep her company.

So, for the first month to six weeks of her life, Widget was a State of Arizona employee with a team at her disposal. The only downside for her in that six weeks was the day I ran over her tail with my office chair. I think the group down at the far end of the hall probably heard her scream and her tail has never quite been the same since.

Widget is very healthy, puts up with almost anything, traveled to and from Texas in a cat carrier more times than I am sure she wants to talk about, loves to play but not until it is my bedtime, doesn’t want to cuddle or be held at all but loves to lie on the floor and be loved on, yells at me when she wants something and I am not quick enough to do her bidding, and plays a very good game of hide-under-the-bed-and-scare-mom.

She is the greatest! My Widgie!

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