Okay, let’s just get this out of the way now before too many people start following this blog and then slap their foreheads in amazement at the crazy lady.

I know that my friends laugh at me every time I bring up Twilight – both the books and the movies. And I just let them laugh because it really makes no difference to me what they think … I LOVE Twilight!

Yeah, yeah … I know … the movies are never going to win any major awards, unless you consider The People’s Choice awards “major” :). And the acting really was less than stellar (except for Robert Pattinson of course!!). But I love Bella and Edward’s story. The Romeo and Juliet aspect of it; the one-person-is-so-different-than-everyone-else-yet-is-accepted aspect of it; the love triangle, but not in a bad way aspect; the way they saved each other aspect.

The stories in these four books and five movies make my heart sing every single time I re-read or watch them, both of which happen quite frequently … still. I will admit that I love the books more than the movies (sorry Robert) because there is more background, more story. And I like that the books are written from Bella’s perspective, although I wish that Stephanie Meyer would finish Midnight Sun (please!!). But the movies put faces on the characters, perfectly I must say, and so I love the movies as well.

And look at it this way – anything that makes your heart sing can’t be all bad.

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