What next?

What do you want to be when you grow up? When did you figure it out? I am 62 years old and still working on that.

I made a very decent living doing something I liked … most of the time. I was good at it, and it took me to fun and interesting places to both live and work, But I always knew it wasn’t my “dream job”. But now that I am retired, I don’t really want to keep looking for that dream job. So, the search has now changed into the hunt for my dream hobby.

There are oh-so-many things on my plate now that I am sometimes overwhelmed with which to do first. I want to try lots of things. And, of course, I am the type of hobbyist that retailers love, because I am usually all in from the start … buying most of the bits and pieces needed for those various crafts before I even know if I am really interested and half way decent at it. In fact, I turned the second bedroom of my 2-bedroom home into a “craft room” because of all the projects I have either in the works or on the back burner as the next big thing.

I need to STOP!

I need to stop and figure out which one (or two) I am going to focus on. Which do I like best and which are just one-hit-wonders?

But wouldn’t it be funny if, during all this soul searching for my dream hobby, I find out that my number one love turns out to be this darn computer?! The one thing that I have been in a love-hate relationship my entire working life, and that I now can’t seem to step away from!

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